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Alphonce Shiundu

Alphonce Shiundu is an award-winning author, a prolific journalist and a thorough editor who has managed major profitable content development and publishing projects. He previously, worked in Kenya’s mainstream media houses specifically The Nation Media Group and The Standard Group Plc for over a dozen years before joining Africa Check in 2017 to set up and run the country office. Shiundu writes on public policy, legislation, and politics. His work and views on information integrity, media literacy, politics and development has been featured/published in local news media such as The Standard, the Nation, NTV, The Nairobian, KTN News, Akoma, Spice FM, among others, and in major international media platforms including the BBC, CNN, The Africa Report, Aljazeera, D+C Magazine, Quartz, the Financial Times, the New York Times, ChinAfrica Magazine. He has expertise in fact-checking research, open-source intelligence, digital multimedia journalism, development communication, political communication and publishing technologies. He has conducted dozens of OSINT workshops, journalism guest lectures, information integrity seminars, political communication bootcamps, and fact-checking masterclasses. He has also made presentations on political communication and evidence-based policymaking to hundreds of government officials, political parties, researchers, journalists, students and the civil society, in over 14 countries in Africa and in Europe.


Content moderation and countering disinformation in Africa –the tough choices. August 30, 2023.

What happens when content moderation decisions by social media platforms clash with state-sponsored disinformation campaigns? Full chapter from page 11 of this report on ‘Taming the Digital Realm’

#ACS23: Verifying Kenyan president William Ruto’s claims at Africa’s first climate summit. September 21, 2023.

Ruto hosted the continent’s inaugural climate change summit, aimed at forging a common position. We examined some of the claims he made from the podium.

Cyber security: There are many ways you can be scammed on the web in Africa. June 28, 2023.

Digital fraud is a major challenge in Africa. Its costs are mounting for citizens as well as for public and private companies. Criminals target ignorant people in particular, but they also hurt the budding e-commerce sector.

The allure of social media influencers in African elections. March 29,2023.

A young population with access to social media and affinity to use it as the prime source of news is exposed to disinformation and fake news propaganda that pollutes public debate around the world, especially during elections.

Winner of the Africa Book Club Awards 2018

Experience life in Accra through the eyes of busy commuters. Ponder the unbelievable dysfunction at a hospital in Nairobi and follow the lives of ordinary people going about their lives.The 2018 Africa Book Club anthology is an exciting collection of short stories that span different themes – from cheating spouses and domestic violence to friendship, politics, and parenthood. The stories told through the voices of some of Africa’s most promising writers provide a contemporary and illuminating picture of the continent.
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